LEDs + Lighting Rebates = Quick ROI

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Lighting rebate assistance from IPLBoth Indianapolis Power & Light and Duke Energy continue to offer rebates on lighting upgrades.  These incentives help offset the initial costs of converting your HID, incandescent lamps, and lighting controls to more energy efficient LED equivalents.

With the rebates and reduction in energy and maintenance costs, you can see a return on your investment very quickly.

DUKE ENERGY LOGOCulture Lighting has extensive experience in applying for these rebates and can help assist your team in calculating ROI and completing the necessary paperwork.


Take Advantage of IPL and Duke Energy Rebates
IPL’s Business Energy Incentives Program and Duke Energy’s Smart Saver Incentive Program both offer rebates on lighting products to their Commercial, Industrial, Nonprofit, School and Institutional customers.

These include …..

A single LED troffer can last 5-10 years and save $300 to $400 in energy costs over its lifespan.*

Incandescent Replacements

  • Replace with ENERGY STAR® LEDs

High Bay/Low Bay Lighting Replacements

  • Replace high intensity discharge (HID) fixture with LED HB/LB fixtures


  • Replace 4’ T8 or T12 lamp(s)  lamp with LED tube
  • Replace 4’ T8 or T12 lamp(s) with LED retrofit kit(s)
  • Replace U-lamps or 2’ linear T8 or T12 lamps with LED retrofit kit
  • Replace 4’ T8 or T12 lamp(s) with LED troffer(s)
  • Replace U-lamps or 2’ linear T8 or T12 lamps with LED troffers

Garage Lighting or Exterior

  • Replace HID fixtures with LEDs
    Outdoor LED lighting
    Converting a single 400W metal halide to a LED can save $125 in energy costs per year.*

Lighting Controls

  • Install occupancy sensors, clocks and timers

To qualify for 2017 rebates, lighting upgrades must be installed by December 31.

Let Culture Lighting Help Claim Your Rebate
The Culture Lighting team will be happy to help you calculate potential standard and custom rebates.  Just give us a call at 317-471-1129 or send us an email request at customerservice@culturelighting.com.

*Indiana Technical Resource Manual