Outdoor Security Lighting Comes in Many Styles

For all businesses providing a secure and safe place to work, and for customers to visit, is a top priority.  Making sure walkways, entrances, docks, outdoor corridors, and parking lots are all well-lit is one way to ensure the safety of all those on your premises.

Security lighting comes in many different shapes and forms.

Different security light fixtures are created for different lighting needs.  Each is optimally designed to provide the most effective and efficient lighting for a specific application.

Different types of security lightsLED Canopy Lights

High-performance LED Canopy lights offers security and general lighting for indoor or outdoor commercial applications. This includes parking garages, loading docks, and building entrances.

LED Flood Lights

Flood light illumination works well for building perimeters, loading docks, parking lots, walkways, and other outdoor applications.

LED Wall Packs

Wall Packs are ideal for building perimeter lighting and over outdoor entrances.  They provide lighting that deters break ins and vandalism.

Lighting with Motion Sensors

Floodlight fixtures with motion sensors will turn lights on automatically when motion is detected, offering valuable safety and security lighting.

Lights with Photocells

Dusk to dawn lights turn on and off automatically whenever their photocells are triggered by natural light.  Along with providing timely illumination they also save energy by operating only when needed.

Good Outdoor Lighting Deters Crime

Having a business that is well lit outside will protect your business and discourage would-be thieves and vandals.  It also provides safety and security for employees and customers from accidental falls, vehicle break ins, and burglaries.

More Information Available

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