Parking Lot and Outdoor Lighting Keep Your Business Safe & Prosperous

With the days growing shorter and it getting dark earlier, now is the time to make sure your parking lot and outdoor lighting are working properly. 
well lit parking lot
Well-lit parking lots create a greater sense of security.
No One Likes Walking to Their Car in the Dark

A dimly lighted parking lot is not very inviting or perceived as safe. There is a greater sense of security when a parking lot is well lit in the morning and evening.

Good Lighting Can Bring More Business

For evening shoppers it is important to feel safe when visiting your business or facility. Having your parking lot brightly lit will encourage customers to visit later in the evenings.

Parking Lot Light Maintenance

Culture Lighting offers scheduled and “when needed” parking lot lighting services.  This includes replacing or repairing:

  • Parking lot lighting service truck
    Culture Lighting’s new high reach boom truck allows techs to service pole lights and hard to reach outdoor lights.

    Metal halide & high pressure sodium lamps

  • LED Lighting
  • Ballasts
  • Wall Packs
  • Access Lighting
  • Bollards
  • Lighting Fixtures

Need the whole fixture, or just the ballast or lamp replaced, we have the equipment, products and expertise to take care of your parking lot and outdoor lighting maintenance.

Hard to Reach Outdoor Lighting

With our new boom truck we are able to quickly and safely repair or replace lamps and light fixtures. If the light fixture itself needs replaced, we can talk about upgrading it to more energy efficient and lower maintenance LED lighting.

Culture Lighting services businesses, churches, apartment complexes, hotels, sports facilities, parking garages and shopping centers with outdoor or hard-to-reach lighting.

Find Out More

Call Culture Lighting at 317-471-1129 or email us at and we’ll be happy to schedule a service call.  We are available for scheduled and emergency calls. For more details go to Parking Lot Lighting.