Security Outdoor Lighting for Your Business

Businesses are four times more likely to be burglarized as homes according to an article posted on the West Bend Insurance Company website.
You don’t have to think very long about why this occurs. With the computers and other electronics commonly used in businesses, along with potential cash and retail product on hand, your business is an enticing target.

Good Outside Security Lighting Helps Deter Burglaries
You can protect your business and discourage would-be thieves by making sure your exterior lights are providing adequate coverage and operating properly. 

Providing a lot of light, both inside and outside, usually is effective.  Having each entrance point, including windows and large vents, flooded with light will discourage all but the most highly motivated burglar and will force any burglar to work quickly.

Outdoor Floodlights
Outdoor floodlights are an easy way to light up the dark areas around a commercial building. Floodlight fixtures with motion sensors will turn lights on automatically when motion is detected, offering valuable safety and security lighting.

Security Lighting Tips
  • Install dual flood lights with motion sensors on all sides of your business. They automatically come on when they detect any nearby movement.
  • If you have landscape lighting, keep it on for the entire night from dusk to dawn.
  • Provide illumination to those areas where intruders can hide from view. Use a battery operated LED security light if there is no power source available.
  • All outside lights should be on timers or motion sensors.  Incorporate a wide range of motion sensors with your exterior lighting.  This will provide excellent building perimeter protection from 360 degrees to 110 degrees.
  • It is best to use white or clear bulbs in your exterior lights. They produce a much brighter, cleaner light.
  • With these lights being on for long periods of time, use LED lamps to reduce your energy costs and lower the time required to maintain the lights.

Security Lighting Maintenance
Make sure you have a proper maintenance routine to keep your security lights working at their best. Replace any burned out bulbs as quickly as you can.

More Information Available
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