High pressure sodium lamps are widely used for outdoor and industrial applications. Its higher efficacy (as much as 140 lumens per watt) makes it a better choice than metal halide for these applications, especially when good color rendering is not a priority.


Product Image Code Description Base
  HID 10050 C50S68/MED Medium
HID 10080 C70S62/MED Medium
HID 10070 C70S62/MOGUL Mogul
HID 10075 C100S54/MED Medium
HID 10074 C100S54 MOGUL Mogul
HID 10160 C150S55/MED Medium
HID 10150 C150/S55 MOGUL Mogul
HID 10210 C250/S50 Mogul
HID 10290 C400S51 Mogul
HID 10340 C1000S52 Mogul


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