Metal Halide lamps produce more visible light per watt with improved color rendition.  Because of the good color rendition and high lumen output, metal halide lamps are good for sports arenas, stadiums, large auditoriums and convention halls.


Product Image Code Description Base
Indianapolis commercial and residential lighting specialists HID 15452 MH50U/MED Medium
HID 15445 MP50/U/MED Medium
HID 15450 MH70/U/MED Medium
HID 15448 MP70/C/U/MED Medium
HID 15546 MP70/U/MED Medium
HID 15490 MH100/U/MED Medium
HID 15492 MH100/C/U/MED Medium
HID 15497 MP100/U/MED Medium
HID 15504 MP100/C/U/MED Medium
HID 15500 MH150/U/MED Medium
HID 40014 MH-DE150/3K (HQI150T7/30) Double Ended
HID 30010 MH175/U Mogul
HID 30050 MH175/C/U Mogul
HID 30090 MH175/U/MED Medium
HID 30040 MH175/C/U MED BASE Medium
HID 30055 MP175/BU/MED SYLVANIA Medium
HID 30110 MH250/U Mogul
HID 30120 MH250/C/U Mogul
HID 64474 MH250/U/ET18 Mogul
HID 30164 MS250/BU/LU M250NH/BU Mogul
HID 30140 MP250/C/BU/PS Mogul
HID 30199 MP350/W/UV/PS Mogul
HID 30150 MH400/U Mogul
HID 30149 MH400/C/U Mogul
HID 30170 MH400/ED28 Mogul
HID 30160 MH400E M400U/ET18 Mogul
HID 30165 MS400/BU Mogul
HID 30154 MS400/C/BU Mogul
HID 301691 MP400/BU/CLEAR Mogul
HID 42401 MS400W/C/BU/PS Mogul
HID 85260 MS400W/V/ED28/PS 85260 Mogul
HID 75000 MS750PS/BU/HOR/BT37 Mogul
HID 30200 MH1000/U Mogul
HID 30210 MH1000/U/BT37 Reduced Mogul
HID 30185 MP1000 BU Mogul


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