4 and 8 ft. lamps for traditional fluorescent fixtures using T-5, T-8 and T-12 lamps with medium bi-pin, single pin and RDC bases.


Product Image Code Description Base
LED lighting specialists Indianapolis FL 28010 F8T5/CW Med Bi-Pin
FL 24586 F24T5/835/HO Med Bi-Pin
FL 28002 F28T5/835 Med Bi-Pin
FL 54003 F54WT5/HO/835 Med Bi-Pin
FL 54001 F54WT5/HO-841 Med Bi-Pin
FL 54002 F54WT5/HO-850 Med Bi-Pin
FL 17055 F17T8/735 Med Bi-Pin
FL 17000 F17T8/741 Med Bi-Pin
FL 25121 F25T8/735 Med Bi-Pin
FL 34265 F32T8/835 Med Bi-Pin
FL 32010 F32T8/841 Med Bi-Pin
FL 32059 F32T8/850 Med Bi-Pin
FL 40202 F40 CWX Med Bi-Pin
FL 40703 F40/DX Med Bi-Pin
LED lighting specialists Indianapolis FL 96000 F96T8/741 Single Pin
FL 96850 F96T8/850 Single Pin
LED lighting specialists Indianapolis FL 48075 F48T12/D Single Pin
FL 96150 F96T12/CW Single Pin
FL 96322 F96T12/D Single Pin
FL 48065 F48T12/CW/HO RDC
FL 60150 F60T12/CW/HO RDC
FL 72100 F72T12/CW/HO RDC
FL 96200 F96T12/CW/HO RDC
FL 96323 F96T12/D/HO RDC


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