save electricity with LED lights in IndianapolisBoth Indianapolis Power & Light and Duke Energy offer energy saving incentive plans on lighting, lighting controls and sensors, LED exit signs and LED lighting.

Lighting Rebate Programs

Through IPL’s Business Energy Incentives Program and Duke Energy’s Smart Saver Incentive Program both offer rebates on lighting products to their Commercial, Industrial, Nonprofit, School and Institutional customers.

Lighting rebate assistance from IPLCash incentives target the replacement of older less energy efficient lighting with newer high performance T8 and T5 lamps and ballasts, LED lamps and fixtures, LED exit signs, and LED outdoor lighting.

Custom incentives are also available for $0.05/kWh and $200 per kW reduction for 30% of project costs or 50% of incremental costs, up to $25,000.

LED lighting rebates from Duke Energy

Let Culture Lighting Help You Claim Your Rebate

The Culture Lighting team will be happy to help you calculate potential standard and custom rebates.  Please CONTACT US  via email or give us a call at 317-471-1129.