Is Your Outdoor Lighting Ready for Winter Weather?

Inclement winter weather … rain, ice and snow … is on its way, making walking and driving more difficult.  When operating properly, your outdoor security lights and parking lot lights make coming to or from your office, store or commercial facility much easier and safer for your customers and employees.

Winter Weather Ahead sign Now is the time to make sure all your outdoor lighting is working properly.

Outdoor Floodlights Make a Difference

Outdoor floodlights are an easy way to light up the dark areas around your business. Floodlights with motion sensors turn on automatically when motion is detected, offering valuable safety and security lighting.

Provide extra illumination in those areas where foot traffic will occur.  Sidewalks, steps, and loading docks.  Greater illumination on all walkways will minimize potential slips and falls.

Use a battery-operated LED security light if there is no power source available.  With these lights being on for long periods of time, use LED lamps to reduce your energy costs and lower the time required for maintenance.

outdoor security lights in snowParking Lot Lights Offer Sense of Security

A dimly lit parking lot is not very inviting or perceived as safe, especially if there is snow or rain present. Having your parking lot brightly lit will make it easier for customers and employees to see potential slick spots, ice and other trip hazards.

There is also a greater sense of security when a parking lot is well lit in the mornings and evenings when employees are coming to and from work.

Culture Lighting Can Help Select the Right Type of Lighting for Your Application

Have questions on the right lamps and fixtures that will work in your application?  Culture Lighting’s lighting specialists can help you select the lighting that meets all your criteria.  We are always happy to help. Just give us a call at 317-471-1129 or email us at [email protected].