Back-Lit LED Panel Light Is Color and Wattage Selectable

Insures Correct Light Level and Color Temp
2x4 Led panel light
Select light levels and color range with this back-lit 2 x 4 LED panel light.

This 2×4 back-lit LED panel light design allows the user to select the light level and color temperature ideally suited for their application in different areas of their facility.

Select from 3500K, 4000K or 5000K color temperatures as well as 3300, 4000 or 5000 lumen levels with a switch located on the driver housing.

The 2×4 panel features 120-277V voltage operation with an electronic driver that works with 0 – 10 volt dimming systems. DLC® listed.

Ideal for Multiple Facilities

Ideal for offices, conference rooms, hospitals, lobbies, hotels, classrooms, workshops, cafeterias and other common areas. Back-lit LED panel lights offer evenly distributed lighting with the energy efficiency of LED lamps.

LED Panel light specs

Full Spec Sheets Available

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