Rebates + Discounts = Great Deal on LED Indoor Panel Lights

Take advantage of existing IPL and Duke Energy lighting rebates combined with special manufacturer price discounts to get a great deal on LED panel lights. This makes it an ideal time to update your existing fluorescent lighting in offices, retail stores, banks, schools, hospitals and work stations to energy efficient LED panel lights.
LED panel applicationsLED Interior Fixtures with Integrated LEDs

Culture Lighting offers LED Interior Fixtures with a slim, low profile design that deliver bright, edge to edge uniform light. These panels consume less energy, significantly reduce operating costs, and with rebates and discounts, offer very attractive pricing.

Overall Product Benefits
  • Up to 36% savings vs T8 lamps
  • 2.5 year ROI
  • Greater lumen output per Kw
  • 120° Wide Beam Angle – Great for area lighting.
  • Eliminates strobing that can cause headaches and lower work productivity
  • Design prevents insects from entering fixture, reduces cleaning requirements
  • Low Profile, sturdy construction
  • Simple Installation Ideal for t-grid and drywall ceilings
  • 2×2 and 2×4 panels in stock
  • Generates little heat – reducing A/C costs
  • Dimmable (0-10V, Range 10% to 100%)
  • 5 Year Warranty
LED panel
Culture Lighting Ready to Help

Contact Culture Lighting and see just how easy it is to impact your bottom line with these LED panel lights.  Products are in stock and CL can help with rebate submittal and product installation if required.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to save money while improving your facility’s lighting.

Send us an email request at or just give us a call at 317-471-1129.