T8 LED Lamp Installation

T8 LED Lamp Installation

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The popularity of T8 LED lamps continues to grow as many plants and offices install LED lamps as replacements for T8 fluorescent lamps. Making sure that the wiring is done properly on all retrofits is critical to avoid significant future problems.

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Different versions of T8 LED Lamps require different installation procedures.

Direct Fit T8 LED Lamps
These lamps come with an integrated driver that operates with the existing instant start electronic fluorescent ballast. These internal drivers make it possible to plug the LED lamps directly into the existing fixture.

What we have seen on a number of occasions is that the wiring of the ballast in the original installation was not done properly.  We often see wiring where two inputs go to a lamp instead of one.  The new T8 LED lamp, when installed with ballasts with improper wiring, will overheat and potentially become a fire hazard.

Our recommendation is that you check your existing fixtures to make sure they are wired according to the manufacturer’s specifications.  This will eliminate these concerns and insure you get the full benefits of the new LED lamps.

Internal Driver T8 LED Lamps
LED lamps with an internal driver are wired directly to the line voltage which bypasses the existing fluorescent ballasts. This version of the LED lamp has higher installation costs, but offers more efficiency, lower long term maintenance costs, and more options in bulb length and wattage/lumen choices.

Make sure any rewiring of existing ballasts and fixtures follows manufacturers’ directions.

Because rewiring of these units is required, follow the manufacturer’s wiring directions to avoid any future hazards.  When installing T8 LED lamps with internal drivers, place stickers noting this change inside the fixture.  This will prevent someone inadvertently inserting a standard T8 fluorescent lamp into a fixture that can no longer accommodate it.

General Safety
When retrofitting existing lighting ensure that the power to the fixture is turned off and use ladders that are nonconductive and constructed of wood or composite fiberglass.

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