Two Great Options to Upgrade Parking Lot Lighting

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Take a hard look at your outside lighting around your buildings and parking lots. Is everything working properly?

LED lighting specialists Indianapolis
Well-lit parking lots create a greater sense of security.

Well-lit parking lots make your employees feel more secure and encourage customers to visit later in the evenings.

LED Lighting Saves Money, Improves Light Output
Converting to LED lighting will give you improved light output and save on energy and maintenance costs. Replace Existing HID Fixtures with LED Lights Upgrade your existing 400w metal halide or high pressure sodium parking lot lights with high efficiency, cost saving LED fixtures.

With available rebates and first year energy savings, the cost of installing new LED lights is similar to the cost of replacing a metal halide fixture and lamp. Long term, you benefit from ongoing savings on your energy bill and lamp and ballast maintenance.

Retrofit Existing Lighting with LED Kits

Replace metal halide and other HID bulbs from 150W to 1000W with LED retrofit kits. Available kits make it easy to convert

LED lighting specialists Indianapolis

parking lot floodlights, street lights, wall packs, high bays and canopies to more energy efficient LED lighting.

Based on the reduced KW hours used, the longer life of the LED lamp, and the elimination of maintenance costs to replace the old lighting, a payback of two years is not uncommon.

Installation, Rebate Help Available
Culture Lighting can help you install those new parking lot lights. We have the equipment and people to complete the job quickly and professionally.

If you need assistance, we’ll also help in applying for all available rebates.

Where To Order
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