High Bay LED Lights Improve Warehouse Operations

Improving the lighting in warehouses, industrial workshops, or large commercial spaces makes any operation in them more efficient and safer. Better lighting improves pick and pack, redistribution, assembly and warehousing operations. Not only are your employees more productive, but your overall lighting costs are reduced by using more efficient High Bay LED lights.
Round and Linear High Bay LED Lights

High Bay LED lights deliver excellent energy savings compared to similar linear fluorescent and HID fixtures. They feature a 5000K color temperature with a high 84 CRI, providing excellent visual acuity and illumination. These new fixtures deliver energy savings of over 50% and claim a rated life of up to 90,000 hours.

linear high bay LED lightsHigh bay LED lightsThese LED fixtures focus light more directly, creating strong, long-range illumination, and are ideal for use in warehouses, recreation centers, and storage facilities. High bay LED lighting enhances workplace productivity by improving both in-house visibility and safety.

Motion Sensors Add to Savings

Culture Lighting can help you install motion sensors in your facility that control the lights and turn them on and off if there is activity in a particular work area.  This minimizes the time a light is on, therefore reducing its energy usage.

Lighting Rebates Available

AES, Duke Energy and local REMCs all offer prescriptive lighting rebates that may help offset the initial installation costs of new lighting in your facility.  For more details on these rebates go to 2024 Lighting Rebates. Culture Lighting will work with you to ensure you receive any applicable rebates.

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