Why Waiting to Convert to LED Lighting Can Be Expensive

Waiting to convert your current incandescent and HID lighting to LED lighting can be very expensive even though the initial cost of LED lighting may be higher.

Lower costsLower Your Power Consumption
Because LED lighting converts electricity to lighting more efficiently than other types of lighting, resulting in significant energy savings.  This is particularly true for companies working multiple shifts or having extended workhours. For example:

  • Fluorescent tubes that normally consume 40W (4’ T12) or 32W (4’ T8) can be replaced by LED lamps that consume between 15W and 20W.
  • Replacing 400W HID fixtures with 150W LED fixtures will provide the same lighting level while reducing power consumption by nearly 60%.


Stop Paying More for Cooling
Incandescent and HID lamps release a large amount of heat when operating.  This drives up the amount of air conditioning needed for indoor locations. LED lighting produces substantially less heat and lowers the A/C load.

  • By upgrading 1,500 fluorescent tubes to LED, power consumption per tube is reduced from 40W to 18W. The savings per tube are 22W, and total savings are 33,000W (33 kilowatts).

With substantially less heat generated, the energy saved to cool this space lowers your utility bill.


Office Lighting
LED lighting conversions in commercial facilities will reduce power consumption and heating costs.

Quit Paying for Extra Maintenance
The expected life of LED lighting products far exceeds that of most other lighting types.  When one LED lamp lasts 5 to 10 to 20 times longer, the time and cost to replace them goes way down.

  • A typical fluorescent bulb will last for around 1000 hours, while LED equivalents are normally rated for 25,000 hours.
  • Most HID bulbs only last approximately 10,000 hours, while the LED products that replace them have a service life ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 hours.
  • Fluorescent tubes typically last for 20,000 hours, while their LED counterparts are rated for 50,000 hours of use.


Don’t Pay Full Price for LED Lamps
Both IPL and Duke Energy offer rebates on LED lighting upgrades that can offset a large portion of the initial price differentiation between older lamp types and their LED replacements.

Warehouse LED lighting
Industrial lighting upgrades reduce maintenance costs and avoid costly accidents.

These rebates allow the ROI and payback on LED lighting conversion projects to be shorter and the overall savings to be realized much sooner.


Avoid Costly Accidents
LED lighting fixtures are safer to install and are less likely to be a safety hazard once they are installed.

  • By using less energy LED lighting operates at lower temperatures which reduces the risk of burns if they are accidentally touched.
  • Most LED products are shatter-resistant and safer to handle.
  • LED fixtures do not use heavy iron core ballasts making them lighter and safer to carry and install.


Reduce Your Expenses
Culture Lighting will help make your plant or commercial facility less expensive to run.  We are experts in planning and implementing LED lighting conversions.  We’ll work with you to leverage any current rebates and ensure your lighting upgrade is done right.

Need more information on how to lower your lighting costs with these energy saving products? Call us at 317-471-1129 or email us at customerservice@culturelighting.com.